Time Spring – Share Your Today’s Pictures in Future to Your Loved Ones


Time Spring is an application which helps the users to send the present days photos to future. It helps to enjoy the nostalgic memories of our old days. The application is very simple to use.


How to use

1. Download the Time Spring Application from Play store or App store.

2. Fill your profile in the application .

3. Invite your friends and families to the app.

4. Add or find recipients in the app.

5. Send messages with pictures or videos by scheduling future date to the recipients.

Opening the App
Opening the App


How to send a message !
How to send a message !


How to Schedule the Message !
How to Create the Message !


Unique feature of the application is that we can schedule the timings to reach the recipients. For instance you took the childhood photo of your child and you can set the timing in such a way that it would reach to him only on his seventh birthday. Likewise you can save your present family photo schedule to reach their hands after 10 years. Is that really cool & nostalgic ?

Note: Photo messaging is free & unlimited, one time video messaging costs 0.99$ .


For more details log on: https://timespring.com


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