StoryZ – Add Special Effects to Your Photos

Storyz is a brand new photo editing app. Numerous photo editing applications are available without any scarcity. But Storyz mark their place unique as their features. Here we highlighting the android version of the same.


Storyz offer two varied as well as distinct features:

1. Ripple    2. Motion

1. Ripple : This one will help you to bring a normal picture into a live one. This feature is meant for photos or images or pictures. For that you need to follow some simple steps as follows:

1. First select a photo from the gallery of your smart phone.

2. Then add dynamic points in series or separately where you want to make the photo live or in motion. Dynamic points are represented by blue dots with arrow. The direction of arrow indicates the direction of the motion of the special effect.

3. Add stable points where we want to prevent the motion of the picture. Stable points are highlighted as red dots. This will help us to freeze the photo or image from motion effect.

4. Finally there is a masking option available to cover those areas in a image or picture we want to left undisturbed without any effects.

5. After completing the special add ons to the photo,  just click on the play button. You can see the photos in live.!

6. In the above picture we can see the waterfall in the image coming down while the man is standing in front of the same.

2. Motion:

Motion effect is used for merging a video into a photo!

Steps :

1. Select a picture from your phone gallery.

2. Add any video in the background of the selected picture.

3. Using the tool magic brush we can make the video seen in the background of the photo by erasing certain portion of the image.

4. Likewise many more tools like merging, multiple screen etc are present in the tool box of motion effect.

In the bottom image we add a video of waves in its background like video playing beneath the picture. After that we erase the sky portion of the image so the waves in the background started showing as well as playing. It results as waves are coming to the desert.

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  1. I have StoryZ app. on my Iphone, thank you so much I have a better understanding of the app. with your easy steps explanation!!…but I have a question, I have seen a Russian lady using the app. on her photos and they are just beautiful converted to a gif, I have seen the pictures converted into live ones posted on Pinterest. I am dying to know how to sparkle accessories for example to add sparkle to earrings, rings using StoryZ app. This lady is using the app. and adding sparkles to earrings and rings beside other effect like Ripple.
    Can you please be kind and tell me how to put sparkling effect to the accessories. Thank you so much in advance for your prompt response, I will really appreciate it.

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