Initiative Q – Try the New Monetary System!

Initiative Q is the upcoming monetary system according to its founder Saar Wilf who is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor. He co-founded over ten technology startups, including Fraud Sciences, acquired by eBay’s PayPal for US $169 million in 2008, Trivnet, acquired by Gemalto for US $35 million in 2010, ClarityRay, acquired by Yahoo, PointGrab, Deep Optics, Rootclam and

Now the system is in the hatching stage so those who join the system can get enough Q. This may be beneficial in the future like Bitcoins. The aim of creating Q is to make it a global currency.

Why Initiative Q?

The payment system we are presently using are obsolete which was discovered decades ago. For instance credit card, wired transfers, direct payment etc. Even though there is so much of advancement in technology we are not adopting it.  Some of the few are MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication), QR code, audible code, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) etc. So it would help in making the payment more easy, secure, faster and cheaper.

Then you may ask why this system is not deployed before. The answer is simple the reluctance of the human. We use only proven system. Also we have half mind to accept new system or method which have great differences from the conventionally followed one. This new system will be in full swing when both buyers and sellers are ready to use this system. First step to initiate this new monetary system is the mobilization of Q to all the sectors of people globally.



How to join in Initiative Q?

Now the Initiative Q team are mobilizing the Q to joined members. We cannot simply join this system. There are two ways for it.

  1. Go to Initiative Q’s Facebook or Twitter page and see which of your friends already follow Initiative Q. They must be registered.
  2. Submit a post on social media (Twitter or Facebook) asking your friends whether one of them can invite you.

These are the two possible way to join the Q.

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