Getaround – Make & Save Money via Car Sharing

We know that increase in the vehicular numbers peaks the intensity of pollution. Getaround, the new car sharing application will help to reduce the same to some extend. This car sharing application initially launched in America. Presently, they expand their coverage to San Diego.

This application is beneficial for both the renters as well as owners. Owners can reduce the burden of their car by giving them for rent and earn decent revenue from that. While renters can select their car as per their wish and standard. Getaround Connect™ serves the provider as well as the benefiter in the same way. It helps tracking, key less entry, engine on/off services, etc.


1. Getaround Connect™ help the owners to avoid personal meeting with the renters for giving keys and other details about the car and it can be locked/unlocked by using this feature.

2. Car can be given for rent on hourly as well as daily basis as per owners wish.

3. Getaround facilitate $1M insurance for the renting car and also  24 x 7 roadside assistance and customer support. It covers primary liability, collision, comprehensive, theft and uninsured motorist protection.

4. Getaround will help you in repairs and also in rectifying damages due to renters.

5. Renters can select their cars from the list of thousands as per their convenience based on hourly as well as on daily basis.

Rental payments are made on 15th of the following month. Also 40% of rental is taken by the company as their commission.

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