Birdays – Reminds You the Birthdays of Your Dear Ones !

Nowadays everyone is busy with their work and other responsibilities. This busy life may cost us the valuable relations with our surrounding people. We may forget to wish our parents, children, friends etc at their birthdays. To avoid this kind of problem numerous apps are available. Here I am going to talk about an application named Birdays.

This is a birthday reminder app. Here we can save the birthdays of our near and dear ones. Also we can synchronize birthdays with phone number and email. Apart from that there are other options available in the app. It includes sharing, texting & calling.

Uniqueness of this application is that it includes more than 2000 famous personalities birthdays such as writers, actors, scientists and so on. Another attraction is that application contains resizable widget. Also night mode available for users convenience. Customizable notification before one,one week & so on is really a good additive to this application.

Showing Zodiac sign of the person who celebrates his/her birthday is very informative. Additional information about remaining day for next birthday and also the age & number of days he/she lives is also highlighted here.

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