Bird – Cheap Last Mile Transportation

Bird is an e-scooter sharing application. Focus of this application is on U.S.A and also some other major cities in the world. Last mile transportation service is the key feature of this application .

Basically the app uses e-scooters for transportation. Developers aim is to reduce the traffic intensity as well as environmental pollution by promoting e-vehicles.

How this application works ?

1. Install the Bird application from Google Play Store or App Store.

2. After installing the app we have to accept the Rental Agreement.

3. Then turn on the location on your smart phone, it will show the nearest bird scooter.

4. Scan the QR code or type the code on the bird scooter to unlock the ride.

How to ride?

Pictorial representation helps you to understand easily about this e-scooter sharing application.


$1 to unlock the bird scooter and 15 cents for every single minute.


Maximum speed of e-scooter is 15 MPH.


It can be paid through your Debit or Credit card. Also there is a chance of getting a free ride for up to $5 by sharing and if they took the ride.

In settings of the app, the ride history, ride safety and other basic features are included.

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